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Want a critique on a piece of art but no-one seem interested?

What you can expect;
Well here's my Critique folder, feel free to browse.…

What you can't expect is undue praise.  You will get a fair and unbiased critique of the piece, along with suggestions and strengths and weaknesses.  Exactly the same sort of thing you see in the folder in the link.

What you're paying for here is my time and honest opinion, not a rave review :P
Single Character Colour Drawing
The Girl From Slime Caverns by Raqonteur
Making A Splash by Raqonteur
Open Wide And Say... Aaaaaargh by Raqonteur
Krackers - A Grave Matter by Raqonteur
Ariel Pin-up by Raqonteur
A fully coloured and shaded drawing of the character of your choice in either semi-realisitic or anime style.  You can choose from waist up, three-quarter or full body.

All work is carried out on A4 paper
The original drawing can be purchased by arrangement, though I will keep a scanned copy on my account here.
Fully Shaded Character Pencil Sketch with Simple Background
Commission - A Little Birdie Told Me by Raqonteur
Commission - Nya-Na-Nya-Na-Nya-Nya by Raqonteur
Thinking Of You by Raqonteur
Think Outside The (Goggle) Box by Raqonteur
Commission - What Do You Mean It's Not Bath Time by Raqonteur
A monochrome pencil drawing of the character of your choice, either semi-realistic or Anime style.  You can choose from Waist Up, Three Quarter or Full Body.

All work is carried out on A4 paper
The original sketch can be purchased by arrangement, though I will keep a scanned copy on my account here.
Traditional Character Portrait Pencil Sketch
Amber Hunt Portrait by Raqonteur
Stacey by Raqonteur
Thinking Of You by Raqonteur
Anyone For Tea? by Raqonteur
Christmas Gift Art 2013 #1 by Raqonteur
A head and shoulders portrait/study of a Character, in pencil, partially shaded.   You can choose from realistic or anime style.

All work is carried out on A4 paper
The original sketch can be purchased by arrangement, though I will keep a scanned copy on my account here.
Original Character or Fan Character Story - Literature Commission
This is a story featuring either your original character or a brand new character.  The more details you provide of what you want, the closer it will be to your vision.  You can provide me with a complete plot or just a title or theme, or anything in between.
This type of work involves a lot of feedback and communication (questions :P) to keep the details right (I can't just guess the name of your first love for example :P)


Tendrils by MarieJane67777

I'd like to start off by saying WOW! Right, now I've got that out of my systm I can carry on :P I never know where to start with these t...

Their Precious Summer by yryahuln

Though I don't know the characters I always admire artists renderings of photo strips like this. It's quite a project to take on for a ...

what makes Siren Special by Princess-CoCo-154

I never know where to start on these things :P Artwork: The art is simple and yet effective. The piece does grab the eye, and the subjec...

Disney Ariel by MagicnaAnavi

Where do I start? What a beautiful vision of Ariel. It's a very traditional view of her sat on a rock, half out of the water, but it do...




Journal History

Thank you for visiting my page. What was it that attracted you here? 

7 deviants said Other (Please Comment)
4 deviants said You commented on/faved my work. I was curious.
2 deviants said Fan Art
2 deviants said A Contest
1 deviant said Sketches
1 deviant said Stories
1 deviant said A Commission/Art Trade
1 deviant said None of the above. I just came here to Troll you :P
No deviants said Portraits
No deviants said Stock Photography
It's finally that time; the entries are in, our panel of judges (me, and err... well, me :P) have reached a decision.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to enter this contest.  I hope it was an enjoyable experience. :) After a fair amount of initial interest I was a little saddened to see only a few entries.  But I think thats my own fault for making the entry period so long that people forgot or lost interest.  Ah well, live and learn.

The premise was to take a piece of literature here on DA and use it to inspire a piece of visual art, or vice versa.  In the end we had two entries in both catagories.

Unfortunately, the first entrant left DA a week before the end of the contest and all their deviations were removed.  That left only a single entry; the winner by default.  But don't get me wrong, having glanced briefly at both entries I have to say that the entry below would have placed 1st in any case.

1st Place:
Battle Aboard the Airship (Contest Entry) by UltimateGalaxia by :iconultimategalaxia:
This piece scored highly on technique; the perspective is very good and gives the viewer a feeling of intimacy with the whole scene, like they are part of it.  The background, something many artists (myself included) often forget or dispense quickly with, is detailed and effective.  The whole scene is dynamically captured without feeling crowded.  It has a strong visual impact on the viewer, demanding attention.
It lost a couple of points on accuracy; the fight scene is in a castle laboratory, not on the airship, but that doesn't detract from a very strong visual piece, and a deserving winner.

This was difficult to judge even with just two entries as both were very different in both style and form.

2nd Place
The Dragon HallFlickering lights glanced over blackened statues, illuminating the hall in dim, eerie ambiance. Yawning archways let out a small view to the outside world, where a sky of gray clouds eliminated natural sunlight, before they were cropped with the rising shadows of coliseum-like stands.

Tap tap.
Far down at the end of the hall, encroached in the poorly lit light, a figure stood. There was a nervous aura around him, enunciated with the soft sound of his boots tapping the ground beneath him. The metallic tap tap of armor to ash scattered ground remained the only sound of the area… for the moment.
Clutched in a black gloved hand… a long white blade, its facets shining in the light of the nearest lantern. The fingers were slack around the handle, slick in a grip that otherwise shook. Glancing down, he caught sight of the light fixture, clamped in the jaws of the curved statue. Scales of obsidian curved along the neck, blackened eyes touched with the faint light fr
by :iconbluebluefox:
The first thing I noticed about this was a similarity to my own style of writing, which meant it scored highly on overall feel.  A great deal of effort went into describing the scene in the reader's mind's eye.  Every detail of the inspiration piece was described here, scoring highly on accuracy.  I was also taken with twist where the scene is not set where i first imagined.
I did like the idea that the contest title was taken literally, and the author placed a thousand word limit on themselves; very inventive and subtle.
The problem with being familiar with the style is I'm also familiar with it's pitfalls; the flowing style was occasionally broken up by words that just didn't feel or sound right; slang terms or modern phrases.  In this style they tend to jar greatly.  I also felt more could have been extrapolated from the scene, for all the description of character and scene, there wasn't actually much story told.  A few hints or teases could have lifted this from good to great.

1st Place
In My EyesIn My Eyes
In my eyes
Sorrow seeks solace from seething thoughts;
Tears I cry,
Tears you will never understand.
In my eyes
Wind whispers welcome to wide-eyed wonder;
Thoughts I have,
Thoughts you will never need.
In my eyes
A thousand years flicker through a shadow;
Immortal I am,
Immortal you will never be.
by :iconmagicaljoey:
I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a lot about poetry.  I've dabbled with traditional rhyming couplets myself but that's about it.  What I can see about this piece is it successfully adheres to a definite structure and tempo.
The lead phrases of each verse are beautifully turned and it flows seamlessly from the first verse to the second.  Somehow the last verse; the ending, lacked that link, but felt complete in and of itself.
That last verse carries the poem, it's simple and yet haunting.
One thing I would say is that the poem feels truncated.  Another few verses could have added a much greater depth.  As it was I was left feeling a little cheated :P (Lick)
But all told it's a touching ode that strongly picks out the definitive emotions and features of it's inspiration piece.

Congratulations to all the winners.  Points, features and prize commissions will be doled out very soon.  For prizes from artists other than myself, please contact the artist in person.  Again, I'd like to thank everyone who took part.  I enjoyed seeing and reading both your original pieces and the works they were based on.
And I'd also like to thank :iconlara-1992: and :iconultimategalaxia: for generously donating prizes.

Look out for further contests next year, as well as possible art jams and other projects which might randomly occur to me :P  And fell free to drop by for a chat, to commission me, or just to say hello.  I don't bite.  Honest.  (Unless you ask really nicely :P)


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Well if you're really interested you can read this… my introductory journal entry.


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I've gotten a lot out of the DeviantArt Community, it's time to put something back. I plan on using any donated points either to run further contests or to commision pieces from other artists and thus support them.

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Christmas GiveAway

It's that most wonderful time of the year... again.

And as a special thank you to all my watchers, I'm going to randomly draw three names out of the hat and offer each of you a free commission of your choice.

I'll announce the lucky winners in a moment, but I'll also send you note to ask you exactly what you would like for your commission.

And the lucky winners are...
22 :iconthe-supreme-overlord:
12 :icondarkshadow278:
01 :iconcartoonwatch:

The numbers were randomly generated using

Congratulations to the winners and better luck next year to everyone else. And all that remains to be said is...



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Oh yay! Thx for the free commission! I'd like a single character colored plz :) you can choose whichever character from my oc folder to draw hehe. Surprise me!
Raqonteur Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your christmas giftart is complete.
You can view it here
Xmas Gift Art 2014 #3 Do You Mind If I Smoke by Raqonteur

Due to seasonal time constraints, all giftart is black and white.
But I hope like it.

Merry Christmas
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thank you very much x3
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Thanks for watching :)
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Raqonteur Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I haven't done any role-play on DA but I grew up playing paper & dice RPGs like AD&D and graduated to MMO's later in life. 

what did you have in mind?
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Hello! Passing by, I wanted to wish you a good day :) (Smile)Hi!
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